Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I started a new subreddit called /r/blogtraffic.

I started a new subreddit called /r/blogtraffic and it's for anyone and everyone to share their blogs with the world. The point of /r/blogtraffic is to gain readers and possibly find people with similar interests in blogging on the topics you like or things you're interested in.

The only rules so far are
1. Tag NSFW posts appropriately.
2. No posts that are specifically for selling things.

Other than that, go ahead and post your blog and see how many people are interested!

Leave comments below if you have any questions or concerns.


  1. Great idea! Subscribed.

    Here's my blog:

  2. Subscribed - should be interesting to see what kind of content filters through.

  3. I have tried many times for getting traffic via Reddit, but never been success. Every time I post a link, it is marked as spam. Then I carried out a study and found that, it needs a lot of hard work to make links active in Reddit which made me to QUIT, reason, I can not do that.